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English for STEM Summer Sessions

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English for STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics 

16 horas de clases enfoque en ciencia y tecnología

Julio Mar y Jue > 18:00 – 20:00

08 sesiones temáticas a lo largo de 4-semanas:

  • Week 1

July 4th:

“We Choose to Go to the Moon” speech introduction, analysis, introduction for an hour.

Second Hour:

Introduction to Cambridge – Professional English in Use Engineering.

45 units (2 pages each), 9 sections.

In each class, we will work on a discussion of topic material, and Cambridge Engineering units.

First-week Measurement, Materials, and Technology

Pacing will depend on the class but we can do several units per day and for homework.

July 6th:

Asimov: How Do People Get New Ideas?

  • Week 2:

July 11th:

Kurzweil: The Coming Singularity: When Humans Transcend Biology

Cambridge Engineering: Manufacturing & Assembly.

July 13th:

“Was Math Created or Discovered?”

Cambridge Engineering: Static & Dynamic Principles

  • Week 3:

July 18th:

Malthus: Essay on Population (highly influential essay) that influenced Charles Darwin and many

modern movements about overpopulation and overconsumption of resources, but was he


Cambridge Engineering: Energy & Temperature

July 20th:

Richard Feynman: “Asking Why?” and excerpts from “Surely You Must Be Joking, Mr Feynman!

Cambridge Engineering: Fluids

  • Week 4:

July 25th:

Writing Your Own Project Proposal Workshop.

Cambridge Engineering: Mechanisms

July 27th:

Writing and Presenting Your Own Proposal Workshop.

Cambridge Engineering: Electricity

270€ / 4-week course

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