Valenciano Language Course

Living and studying in the Valencian community brings some challenges for children who need to master Spanish and Valenciano. Your kids will also have to adapt to studying in Valenciano, the local Valencian language, in which up to 50% of school subjects are taught.

We are here to give your kids the best foundation in the language they can have to make sure they have a seamless transition into their new school life here in Valencia!

What will you learn?

How the course is structured:

Face to face in the Olingo Language Academy

Online/flexible learning: small group with personal coaching using Google Classroom & other online tools.

Language Review

At Olingo Academy we have qualified teachers to deal with all common languages taught at ESO. Our review classes are dynamic, motivating and participatory, where the student is central to their own learning, ensuring a global and meaningful understanding of each subject.

You can choose between face-to-face classes or in groups of max. 6 students. The other options are private (one-to-one) or online classes.

The groups are usually grouped by age group and language, and whenever possible, by levels  in ESO and Baccalaureate. You will have an expert language teacher to ensure successful  progress of your child. We have flexible schedules so you can book a place to suit  your requirements.



Viva l’italia!

Italian courses for Adults. Private & Group classes for all levels A1 – C1 with native teachers.

Vive la France!

French courses for Adults. Private & Group classes for all levels A1 – C1 with native teachers.

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